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On my first trip to Bandung on 2007, we went to Tangkuban perahu ,an active volcano, situated 30 km north of the city of Bandung in the direction of Lembang. Since the trip was to short, we don't have enough time to visit Kawah Putih. So, we do not want to miss that chance during our trip this time.

Kawah Putih located in South Bandung. Tooks about 2 hours drive from Bandung city. To get there, we rent a car with a driver. The  rental fee is IDR 500,000 all in one for 12 hours. We get this service thru our driver who took us from Airport to hotel when we arrived. The rates consider cheap as the normal price between 500,000rupiah to 750000 rupiah for 12 hours. It was an 7 Seaters Toyota Avanza. Our driver Pak Tisna is a very friendly person , talkative and ready to answer or tell the stories about Bandung.

 Our Driver@Supir Pak Tisna

 When you visit Kawah putih, our driver Supir parked his car outside the Main entrance. Our driver bought the ticket for us on behalf, of course local people buy ticket will get better or lower fare. The entrance fee using their Angkutan is IDR 30,000 per pax (return trip).

Car are allowed to drive to Kawah putih but the Entrance fee per car is IDR 150,000 plus additional Entrance fee IDR 15,000 per passenger. So, why wasting your money and pay more. Just take  the public transport. It just less than 30 minutes  journey and we can enjoy the green scenery all the way there.The breezy air also among things to enjoy.

Angkutan Station at Kawah Putih.
 View of Kawah Putih

 It's not a beach behind me. But a crater.

 Beautiful view of Kawah Putih


 At the main entrance area to Kawah Putih, there are shops and stalls selling Strawberries , fruits and many more. The Strawberry is very cheap. A pack contains more than 50 pieces strawberries just IDR10,000. Around RM 3 ringgit

 More about kawah Putih.

Kawah Putih (English: White Crater) is a striking crater lake and tourist spot in a volcanic crater about 50 km south of Bandung in West Java in Indonesia.[1]
Kawah Putih lake (7.10° S 107.24° E) is one of the two craters which make up Mount Patuha, an andesitic stratovolcano (a "composite" volcano).[2] Mt Patuha is one of numerous volcanoes in Java. Kawah Putih crater lake itself represents a relatively stable volcanic system with no records of significant activity since around 1600.[3]
The Kawah Putih site was opened to visitors in 1987. The lake is 2,430 meters above sea level so the local climate is often quite chilly (temperatures are frequently around 10 degrees celsius). This makes a brisk change from the humidity of the north Java plain and the capital city of Jakarta. Kawah Putih is a sizeable highly acid lake (pH 0.5-1.3) which changes colour from bluish to whitish green, or brown, depending on the concentration of sulfur and the temperature or the oxidation state.[4] The sand and rocks surrounding the lake have been also leached into whitish colours through interaction with the acidic lake waters (with possible mineral precipitation as well).

The surrounding area is heavily forested. There is a pathway down to the lake which is surrounded by the high walls of the crater nestling into the side of Mt Patuha. The smell of sulfur is strong because there is a good deal of steam and sulfurous gas bubbling from the lake. There are tracks around the lake and through the nearby forest including to the peak of Mt Patuha. Visitors can walk around the crater area or sit in the various shelters. Local plants not widely found in lower altitudes in Java include javanese Edelweiss and Cantigy (Vaccinium varingifolium). Animals and birds which may be spotted include eagles, owls, monkeys, mouse deer, and forest pigs. Panthers, leopards and pythons have also sometimes been seen in the nearby forest.

A range of simple facilities exists near the lake. There is ample parking and public toilets. Entrepreneurial vendors sell trinkets and food. The site is well-signposted. Local farmers often take the opportunity to sell strawberries (widely grown in the area), steamed corn, and various other items such as pumpkin seeds (pepita).

Kawah Putih and the surrounding area (where there are resort facilities such as hot spas) is a popular spot for people from Bandung. On weekends and on holidays, quite large numbers of Indonesian tourists visit Kawah Putih. The site is so far less well-known to international tourists. According to Perhutani staff at the site, up to 10,000 people might visit on busy holidays and the total number of visitors is perhaps 300,000 per year.

 After return from Kawah Putih, we still have few hours to use the car,  so we ask our Driver to take us to Chiampelas Walk. Do some shopping then went to Satay Karjan to try their Satay (Our driver choice, we would like to try the one at Bandung Train Station but Traffic Jam too bad that time.Satay Karjan,  Just OK for me but the price consider as expensive  since Chicken satay almost RM 1 each. I prefer Satay Kajang.

Dessert in hotel room.

For those who need supir during your stay in Bandung, below is Pak Tisna mobile number .


  1. sakan pe nye. tahun ni baru sampai bandung lahg.kalau tetiap tahun ke sana baru sakan :D

  2. Angkutan tu nama dia Ontang Anting .. :)


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