Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ros Chalet , Cameron Highland (Tanah Rata , Taman Sedia)

 Ros Chalet  is a suitable place to stay for those who looking for a peaceful  area that rich with local nature. As we know, Cameron Highland got lots of homestay, chalet, etc and this kind of business growing fast. At some area, we can see so many budget apartment, chalet and homestay \that make the area look crowded.  Ros Chalet not to close with other chalet/homestay make the area a lot more peaceful. Besides the Chalet, they got Vegetable Farm  and Strawberries Farm. Ros Strawberry Farm which also known as R.Z Enterprise Strawberries Farm located opposite the chalet and beside it is  the other Strawberries Farm named as Opah Strawberry Farm.

     No need to worry about parking area coz this place got lot space for you to park your car.
 The chalet made of woods. Like most of accommodations in Cameron Highland, this chalet do not have air condition since its located in highland, you can always feel its cool and breezy air. It is even cooler  at night. It is nice to wake up in the morning and smell the fragrance of fresh and blooming roses in front of your room.

 At the back , they got a place for you to hang out at night or for barbecue.

                                                Lots of strawberries belong to the owner.


                                    Opposite the Chalet located the Ros Strawberry Farm.
                             This is the view of Ros Chalet (Blue roof) from Opah Strawberries Farm
Parking area

                                                               Standard Room (1 Double bed)
                                                                    Family Room (3 pax)

My dad love to stay here.The environment so peaceful. This Chalet located less 1 km fro Tanah Rata town, just about 5 minutes drive. Lots of shops, restaurants, banks and etc. While Brinchang town located around 2 km away. Lots of tourist love to walk to town since the weather and the breezy air among things to enjoy while in this place.

I have been told by a local people that they got Night market  which called as Pasar Malam every week. The pasar Malam in Brinchang scheduled every Friday from 4pm-10pm. While in Tanah Rata the Pasar Malam will be on Sunday.

Now, few weakness from my point of view.
1- They do not give towels and soap.
2.  TV in our room just have RTM1 and RTM 2.

Overall, we love the place.

Below are few info to share about the rates.
Room Type Normal Day / Peak
Standard room RM 80 per night
Family Room (4 pax) RM 150 - RM 180 per night

Family Room  ( 3 Pax  )                                                  RM 120                                                  

  • Room facilities ; Bathroom and hot shower , tv :
  • Around chalet they have vegetable and strawberry farm and Car parking .
  • Additional RM 10 for extra bed.
  • All rates are subject to change without prior notice. 

Taman Sedia, 39000 Tanah Rata, 39000 Cameron Highlands
Pahang, Malaysia
Phone : +6012-583 8060 & +6019-578 2044
Tel : 05-491 2787


  1. Salam..macam mana dengan saiz bilik? Selesa tak?

  2. wslm.. kitaorang ambil bilik family untuk 4 org... 2 katil besar.. bilik ada almari.. cabinet + tv dan meja...ada ruang antara katil tapi tak terlalu besar.. depan katil ada ruang.... untuk solat pun boleh... so rasa zu.. ok dah.. tak terlalu kecil.. biasa je...rasanye dah cukup selesa untuk chalet. memandangkan sejuk memalam.. sumat ramai2 pun tak pe... :).. zu tengok bilik lain2 pun ok.. tak terlalu kecik dan sedang2 je..

  3. kind a okay, but if have astro wow.. it would be awesome :-)

    My latest article on Cameron Highland Apartment can be found here..

  4. Saya sudah beberapa kali menginap di sini. Alhamdulillah layanan baik dari tuan punya homestay kak Rose...bilik ok...seronok.

  5. betul2 selesa ke?? leh masak x??

  6. saya baru pegi last week, layanan memang baik. bilik pn best :) better booking dulu la coz takut nnt bilik dh penuh. skrg dah ada astro. ada tempat bbq lagi kat situ. seronok sgt :) nak pegi pekan pn dekat. Pasar malam brinchang memang terbaik :) mkn steambot pn sedap.

  7. mcm mne nk wat tempahan? sila email kn detail di

  8. I had a plans vacation with my best friends go to cameron sye lum tentu brape mlm kami nk stay.klo nk cr mkm more cheap than hotel, where's wo should go?plz bg cadangan

  9. salam...penginapan utk seorang plak mcm mn ae??bagaimana dgn byaran?

  10. Dear All,

    I'm just sharing the info based on my experience. Do not call me for chalet reservation ;) .Kindly call the owner as the details provided in my post.

    Kak ros ok je. Kitaorang masuk dulu dia cakap bayar nanti pun tak pe ,time nak keluar. Bleh plak mcm tu.. hahaha..kalau tempat lain jgn harap le. :)

    Nak makan?.. gi je Tanah rata... 1-2 kilometer je kot. ada kedai makan kat sana.

  11. blh masak kat sana,ada disediakan tpt memasak ker?

  12. Saya baru jer balik dari CH semalam. Tinggal kat Ros Chalet 3d2n. Everything is good. My hubby boleh gi jemaah Subuh kat surau sebab dekat. My elder son (10yrs) boleh jalan2 kat sekitar kwsn tu pagi2 sebab environment dia mmg safe.

    Memang best la sebab nak petik strawberry boleh pegi kat kebun sekitar tu jer.

    Just for sharing strawberry price (petik sendiri)
    Abang Strawberry - RM40/kg
    Opah Strawberry - RM35/kg

    Scone kat Opah café - RM3.50 satu (lagi sedap dari scone kat Bharat tea)
    Strawberry muffin - RM2 satu (ni mmg sedap gilerrrr)

  13. As baru buat family day tpt kerja saya kt sana.pada 20-22/11/2015....memang berbaloi.sesuai dengan keperluan kami semua.pemilik nya kak ros pon mmg baik.percaya kat kami sbb kami byar payment pada masa nk check out.anak2 pon gembira main kt kawasan chalet sbb luas.kami parent ni pon rasa selamat sbb anak2 bermain di dalam kawasan chalet.sblh chalet pon ada anak sungai.suasana damai,bunyi air memberi ketenangan kepada kami.boleh la kalau nk cuba.mmg berbaloi.

  14. Dah booking... X sabar nk pegi!

  15. Sy bg pihak ros chalet nak memaklumkan blik kami skrang harga dr rm100-rm180...Dn blik kmi sdah ad kipas...����

  16. Kami dari Syarikat Air Melaka seramai 9 keluarga ingin menyewa pada 11.2.2017. Bagaimana cara nak booking ...