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Takasima sucks!

When I said Takasima Sucks, I'm not referring to their product coz I know their products are good and won lots of award. However, good product itself is not enough when it comes with BAD service. Its been almost 2 years since I bought my mum Y admirer. We managed to get that machine at promotion price @2990 with foot massage machine ( Free gift). Below is the machine that I talked about.

GENERAL FUNCTIONALITY OF Y-ADMIRERImmediately improvement in blood circulationIncreases muscle strengthIncreases blood supply for heart and brainAccelerating secretions and discharges Enhances metabolismReduces pain, reduction of the stress and soreness Helps increase flexibility and range of motion Stimulating the production of collagen, make skin more beautifulMaking body healthy and cleanFights the effects of osteoporosis Increasing bone mineral density
Yes. The product is good. Comes with 5 years warranty. We've been informed that ,product service/maintenance will be free in 5 years. Just …