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Beware of scammers!!!

Nowadays, almost everybody needs online social site such as Facebook , Twitter, Tagged etc. It gave us chances to meet new friends and also find old friends. Me myself managed to gather with my schoolmate which lost contact since last 15 years in Facebook. BUT, what we don't realize is, we at the same time exposed our self to scammers!.

As for me, i don't simply add new friend without checking their Facebook Page. But sometimes, i  just add friends just to share gift for online games. Maybe this open a door to scammer to approach me.

This happened yesterday, I know this guy thru Facebook since last 2 weeks. He message me and introduced himself. Claimed that he is a Purchasing Manager of Shell in Dartford, UK. He wanted to know more about Malaysia since he and his lawyer were doing feasibility study because he planned to open a branch in Malaysia.

As usual, I accept all friendship with and open heart. Sharing info.He was very open  about himself. he told that he is a single fat…