Surabaya Trip : Day 3

Day 3, we plan on our own. Nothing much to say. Just trying to find suitable souvenir for friends and family and till today still cant find any. Today we dont have driver. Its Ok since we only have 1 place to go. Early morning, my mum, sis and me took a taxi, heading to Pasar Turi. If we rent a car for another six hours, it will cost us about IDR 250000 (12 hours only 300000). We took a taxi and pay about IDR 54000 to Pasar Turi. As soon as we get into this bulding, I said, this is the place. Almost like Pasar Baru in Bandung. Easy for us to find things we wanted to find. We can also bargain here. They also sell item in bulk and it is a lot more cheaper.
My favorite drink - Avocado Juice@ Jus Alpukat

There also Food Court in this building. Honestly, it is easier to find halal food in Surabaya compare to Medan.But, Bandung still at the first place in my heart. Never mind, I'll go to Bandung again this September. ;)

My mum bought a lot Batik Sarong and also kain Sarong lelaki/Pelikat. each just around RM 10. For that reason, I have to add in another 15kg luggage . We spent few hours there till finally my mum gets tired.My dad stay at the homestay. Sleep and sometime sight seeing around the guesthouse  (interview local people..kekeke)

The return taxi fare a lot cheaper and overall the two way trip fare is just IDR 100000. Return to the guesthouse and rest for few hours.

Our last activity is going to the nearest mall to the guesthouse, Ciputra World Mall. Just about 500 metre. We walk there to find out what's intresting. Just window shopping.

*will update with photo later.


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