Surabaya Trip : Day 2

Day 3- We went to Ample, also know as Kampung Arab. A place mostly sell Muslim wear. The price not too cheap. If you are looking for Telekung or Mukena, Surabaya is not the place but Bandung is the heaven for that. hahaha. My mum insist to buy Kain Pelikat, Sarong @ Kain Batik and Telekung. Very hard to find here. That's why Surabaya is not one of my favorite destination.

When you are here, You will see lots of beggars. Be careful  If you gave them money, then a group of beggars will come to you later as the first you inform them. Its annoying and very uncomfortable when some of them surrounded you and start to pull you cloth and touch your body begging for money. This place not too big. 1 hours is more than enough.

We then move to Jembatan Merah Mall since this is one of tourist attraction here. But disappointed to know that this is just another mall. Nothing special about it. Maybe different people have a different point of view about this place. but for me. Nothing interesting here since the price also not cheap.

Our driver took us to a restaurant which serve Sunda Food. The moment I saw the restaurant I already know that we will enjoy the meals. Sunda food almost similar to Malay food. My dad loss appetite since we arrived. But as soon as they serve, I can see that they all love it. Grill Gurami with Sambal, Fresh Veggie  Fried Kang Kangkong, really delicious. and the price also cheap. Around IDR 13500. 2 gurami, 1 bandeng Grill fish and rice for 6 pax.

We also visited another Masjid Cheng ho located in Surabaya City but this one not as big the one in Pandaan.


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