Happy New Year


I love year end!. Do you know why??.. Coz there a so many Public Holiday. ;) This is my first time celebrating Christmas with my officemate. The arrange gift exchange activities. We are requested to give our wish list to the event coordinator. She then will let us pick a name , a kind on draw. Just pick one then we will get a name code. We will then have to buy a gift for that person. The gift must be  at minimum of RM 30.00 and we can even go further if we want.  Once we bought the gift, we have to put it under the Christmas tree and wait until the Christmas Lunch.  Our Hotel partner sponsored a turkey which is so delicious and my big boss sponsored a Roasted Lamb Leg (extremely yummy). Some bring Salad, Pasta Ala Norma, KFC, brownies and fruits.

We enjoy the  meals.

After the lunch, we started to open our gift. And below is mine.

 I wish for a new Raincoat . Everybody laughing at me. Well, I need a rain coat. it's raining season right?. Nothing wrong with it. At least it something that i can use and for sure will always remember who gave it. The rain coat is inside the santa. Thanks!!


  1. That looks a festive celebration of holiday! nice pictures and this is such a cute post. My sincere new year wishes for you and to your family. Happy Holidays!

  2. New Year is a time of celebration and joy so sharing the the spirit of festivity with new year greetings wishes would be great.

  3. I like New Year and christmas coz it's time to celebrate with family. I was looking for funny new year wishes that I can share to my friends and make them laugh hard. Happy new year!

  4. Happy New to you too Sue. May this this New Year bring happiness to all of us.


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