Medan Trip 20-25/10/2011 - Day 04 Berastagi-Medan

We stayed at Danau Toba International Cottage for only 1 night and  back to Medan the next day.  We stop at the Fruit Market to buy some Berastagi's souvenirs . Believe it or not, the price a lot more cheaper than at the samosir island for the same item. It just that the word "berastagi" and "lake toba" make it different.Lots of fruits and flowers can be found here. The strawberry also cheap.

 This fruits known as "Pisang Kaki". It my first time to see how the tree looks like. Never imagine before. The fruits so sweet. I want to buy more but  we still have few days here till depart.

Strawberry is so cheap here. All of them cost me RM 14 only. A small pack of strawberry sold for only Rp. 4000 less than RM 2.
 After shopping, we now heading back to Medan. But we stop at few place to take last photo of lake toba view.

It's lunch time when we reached Medan City. So, Mr. Asdo took us to a local restaurant.

  The Grill chicken & Fish are extremely delicious! We enjoy the food very much and ordered additional fruits juice. So yummy.

 After having our lunch, we continue with city sightseeing. We stop at Toko Batik, Pasar Ikan , Maimoon Palace and Medan Mall for a while. Not to forget, the shop where they sell the famous Bika Embun too.

 Maimoon Palace


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