Tuaran Crocodile Farm

Tuaran Crocodile Farm is a newly established tourist attraction in February 2005.  Being  the largest crocodile farm in Sabah, they accommodate more than  1000 crocodiles in. This Crocodile Farm operates  on a land  adjacent to the 32km, Sulaman Highway , Tuaran in northern of Kota Kinabalu city. With more than 50-years of establishment, the farm is packed with ample knowledge of captive breeding and crocodile farming and has an international reputation for producing superior quality raw skins and meat. They also one of the major commercial producer of Crocodylus Porosus (saltwater crocodile) worldwide. This farm aspire to commercially produce and display Malaysia's  largest reptile in a sustainable manner, while protecting and promoting Malaysia wild crocodile population. In their production line, experienced handlers follow stringent guidelines to ensure that only healthy crocodile with high quality skin are removed for slaughter. Every complementary raw skins are attached with a CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) certificate enabling the products to be marketed locally and international.

Visitors can buy their Crocodile Skin products and the crocodile meats at their shop located at the farm's entrance. It will be fun to visit this farm during  the feeding time which scheduled at 09:00a.m/10.30am/12:00pm/12:45pm/1:30pm/02:15pm/04:15pm and 4:45pm daily.
 They also got small Ostrich Farm there.

 Lot of catfish

                                   Rumah Panjang where they always perform the Cultural Dance
Show Time :
Mon-Sat : 11:30a.m and 3:30pm
Sunday and Public Holiday : 11:30a.m , 1:30pm and 3:30pm

                           If you are brave enough, you can try this... like my brother.

If you go to Sabah, dont forget to Visit this Crocodile Farm.. This Farm open from 0:30 a.m to 05:30 p.m and the entrance free as listed below :

Malaysian :

Adult : RM 10
Children : RM 5

Adult : RM 15
Children : RM 10

For more information, please contact :
Site office : 088-793376/7 Fax :088-793623
Mobil : +6013-8508818


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