Wedding Mohamad Zahir & Rabeatu Adawiah @ 16 March 2009

 It's school holiday season again. The best time to have a wedding ceremony.  It's a busy week for me and family members since one of my family's member having their wedding on March 16 (Monday). A Malay's Kampung style wedding ceremony where villagers and family's members work together to cook and prepare anything required in other to make sure the ceremony going smooth as planned.
Some people may feel it's weird to have a wedding ceremony on weekday since most people are working and of course it's hard for them to find time to attend the wedding ceremony. But, don't forget, this is a Kampung (village) area. Most people around  this place are farmers and fishermen and some run their own businesses.
 Malays really love bright colors for their formal clothing. Once we had arrived, we were  greeted by our many relatives clad in colorful Malay attires. Some of them have not meet each other for a long period and this ceremony gets them together.
Weddings that take place in the kampung are extremely communal affairs; chances are if you're a friend of the groom or bride's parents, you will help the family by participating in the wedding operations.
For example, you might be heavily involved with cooking the food to be served to the wedding guests.


Since this is a kampung area, people are more conservative and therefore proceed to sit in segregated areas separated by sexes. Here you see the ladies and children chomping away in their self-designated territory. The men were located on the other side of the turf. 
Lunch in a practical, buffet style. 

A team of dishwashers, ready to take up the task of plate cleaning with speed and efficiency! Here they all are, ready and poised for action.
 The bride & the Groom
The groom is dressed in a fancy yellow baju Melayu with a sampin wrapped around his waist. 
Table and dishes for the bride & the groom

Bunga Telor 



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