Spring in Kedah @ Musim bunga di Kedah

This is the view that can be seen along the main road in front of Yan District Hospital  and many other places in Kedah. An eye catching view which makes us stop at sideway to enjoy the view.
Since it's a school holiday season, my uncle and his family return. They keep talking about this "Spring" season in Kedah. In this area, they planted only white and Pink Tabebuia rosea but in some areas in Alor Setar, we can see these trees with white, red and yellow flowers.
A popular street tree in tropical cities because of its multi-annular masses of light pink flowers and modest size. The roots are not especially destructive for roads and sidewalks. It is the state tree of Cojedes, Venezuela.
This tree is often seen in Neotropical cities, where it is often planted in parks and gardens. In the rainy season it offers great shade and in the dry season abundant flowers.
Blossoming flowers
   Falling flowers on the sideway

When taking all these photos, i saw people in this area looking at me , wondering what am i doing.. i guess :))


  1. what a beautiful scenery... bring me back to the memory lane of Rockies Mountains in the USA 8->


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