Gunung Lang Recreational Park, Ipoh


In the evening, we went to Gunung Lang recreational park. In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical  as I never heard about it before. We arrived there at 5pm and a bit disappointed been told that the last boat departed at 5 pm. So, we don't have change to take the boat and visit the small island in the middle of the lake. When we are about to leave, one of the staff called us and told that they extended the boat operation hours due to School Public holiday. A bit introduction about this place.

       Gunung Lang is a recreational park nestled between limestone hills off Jalan Kuala Kangsar, about 5km away from the city center. Located a short distance away from Perak Tong Cave Temple, visitors are greeted by a magnificent lake hemmed in by majestic limestone outcrops, where a landscaped garden lies far across the waters. A boat ride allows visitors to reach this otherwise inaccessible region, which also houses a small zoo, watchtowers, playground and village square. The ferry service operates 8am till 6.30-7pm (lunch break in afternoon) daily (Friday 8am-4pm). Tickets cost MYR3 per adult and MYR1.50 per child for a return trip.
                                           Honestly, this place is suitable for family picnic but I love it more than The lost world of Tambun.


Sorry, not much photo to share since my internet too slow for photo upload.


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