Short trip to Ipoh - Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites

I started 2014 with a long Medical leave after got involved in a accident on December 2013. With deep cut under my ankle, fracture on my toe, I got 2 months Medical leave. Not a good start but I'm grateful and blessed. Everything happen with a reason. An eye opener. Resumed working on 28 Jan, just few days before Chinese New year. Missed much but It's Ok. My first trip for this year with my Bff last month. Domestic destination. At first, we planned to go to Kuantan & Cherating but somehow, we changed destination to Ipoh.  Seriously, I never been there, just passed by the highway every time I went back to my home town in Kedah. It was just a short weekend trip, so Ipoh will be an Ideal place since the location not to far from KL. Just 2 hours drive. 

We started our journey from Klang, where I fetched my friend and our destination was Kinta Riverfront Hotel in Ipoh. Like I said, I never been there, so I have to depend on the google Maps GPS on my tab. Not as accurate as my sis Garmin GPS. My talkative BFF cant stop talking during that journey, to many stories to tell in just 1 day and her voice overwrite the GPS  .. and finally we missed our exit to Ipoh... hahaha.. No more exit after that and we have to drove to Kuala Kangsar which is 40 km away and u-turn to Ipoh. But we managed to reach the hotel. I took us longer to get there. Well, no complaint... consider it a sightseeing .

We checked in at the hotel and rest for a while. A nice and comfy Standard room.

City View from our Hotel room

After a short rest, we went to a restaurant recommended by a friend. Restoren Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung. The restaurant full with customer even it was midnight when we arrived. Variety selection of menu but we choose recommended Menu Which is Nasi Goreng Ayam Kampung and tom Yam. I'm not a fan of Tom Yam, but this one became my favorite!!.. The tom yam is so delicious. Perfect combination and taste.

The Nasi Goreng Ayam Kampung  so yummy and fried Ayam Kampung taste good.

Honestly, not much activity we can do here, I mean nothing much suit us. So, just back to hotel and sleep.The next day, we woke up early for breakfast. This is our favorite part. Buffet breakfast with variety menu for breakfast. The cafe is big and can accommodate large number of guest at one time.
Malay style Nasi Lemak.
We sat there for almost 2 hours, chatting, updating Facebook and eating..hahaha. Cant eat much but managed to try most of the menu a bit :) .

Since it was rainy. Nothing much we can do. Just went out and met a friend who introduce us Secret Garden Cafe, A nice place to relax and hang out with friends .

Tried  some menu here.

Since, not much we can do. We decided to return to KL earlier but stop at Tambun to buy their famous Pomelo.

 RM 10 per Pamelo
Tried the Musa King Durian Coffee  . It Taste Good but a bit pricey.

Still looking for a new international destination for our trip this year. But no more interesting offer from Air Asia. Eventhough they claimed free seats offer but still expensive. Maybe someday, we'll find an ideal destination with affordable price to travel.  Considering Australia and Korea. ;)


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