Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza

The new  Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza by Pizza hut looks so yummy. I've been waiting for this moment to go to Pizza hut and give it a try. Some more they have a Facebook contest for this pizza. Nothing to lose, simple steps to join, take a photo. Post on the pizza hut Malaysia Facebook with the docket number from your receipt and wish you'll be 1 of the winner. Wish me luck :)

 This is my photo for the contest

I want ipad please....

 We ordered 2 pizza. Hawaian Chicken stuffed crust and 1 large Cheesy Bites trio Pizza.
 For Cheese Bites Trio Pizza ( A'la carte, If you pay using Maybank American Express Credit Card, you are entitle to get 30% off for this pizza. 1 large size Chessy Bites Trio pizza less than RM 30.

My mum and sis craving for pizza and waiting for me to return since last month. The more people, the merrier it is. We ordered  set of 1 regular pizza (Hawaiian Chicken Stuffed crust) + 2 Mushroom Soup + garlic Bread + 1 large Cheesy Bites pizza and 3 Assam Boi Fizz. My mum ate a lot.


 Awaken your senses with 7Up fused with cool flavours of green apple, lemon, lime and assam boi topped with mint leaf.

 Assam Boi fizz


  1. bila nak banjer kita pizza?

  2. Hi sis..1 Q from me, is the ala carte price had include the 30% disc?? For ex, the ala carte price shown is 54 for 1 large pizza n 1 regular pizza. Tq for answering my doubt. :)


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