Double Grill Pan @ Pemanggang Ajaib

Nowadays, everybody keep talking about healthier life style and one way to life a healthier life by using the Double Grill pan in food preparation.It is the perfect solution to start cooking healthy and oil free food without having to give up on your favourite foods. This versatile grill pan able to cook from vegetables, beef, chicken, fish and etc. Cooking with Double Grill Pan became a new trend even in "Kampung" hahaha. Everyday I can see my facebook friends posting and sharing recipies. Before when talking about Grill Pan maybe we can imagine  cooking Fish, beef or chicken but now, we can even bake a cake or other Kuih2. Intresting rite. Some more, the price is not expensive as before since  we can find many brands for this double grill pan in the market. This is an advantage to us as  a customer as we can compare the products and price with choices we have.

When i returned to my hometown last month, my mum did asked me to buy 1 for her. At that moment, I told her about 36 cm Double Grill Pan by Vantage which is only RM 149.00 available at Aeon Big. She did gave me money to buy that. Unfortunately when I went to buy, the 36 cm Grill Pan Out of Stock. Only 32 cm Grill Pan available ( worth RM 129) . 

Since I'll be back to my hometown on Nov, I still have lots of time to survey. So, During lunch hour or free time, I went to Jusco. Found one which is same size by Giacoma but the price RM 159.I noticed, lot of stock there. So, I'll wait till Jusco member day, so that I can buy and get free jusco Voucher..hahaha... but then, I saw one black 30cm Double Grill Pan by La Gourmet. I fall in love with this product but, I'm not desperate, so I can wait..hahaha. The one from La gourmet sell at RM 359 but Purchase with Purchase they sell it at RM 99.90 till end of September. But the promo ends. However Jusco still sell it at RM 99.90 while stock last. I want to buy one for my self. I redeem my jusco Point for RM 40 jusco voucher, It wont cost me much ;) 

If you dont mind about brands and willing to wait, you can buy online at cheaper price. My friend buy one from MyDeal  at RM 78 but delivery took 1 month. Some said, IKEA also sell this product below RM 100. But as for me, so product, I prefer to buy from shop, she the actual product, and test before i buy it. But foresure I'll buy 1 for my mom and myself.

 La Gourmet 30 cm RM 99.90

 Giacoma - 36 cm RM 159
 Vantage 32 cm - RM 129
Vantage 36 cm RM 149

-Premium Non-Stick pressure frying pan.
-Triple coating with excellent non-stick performance.
-Easy to clean.
-Possible low heat cooking.
-Protecting against the smoke and smell.
-Functional magnetic pressure handle and oil trap funtion make you more safe and convinient.
-Ergonomic grip. Safe and easy to use.
-One touch opening and closing. Easy and conveninet lock.

-It has oil trap funtion to prevent moisture and oil falling.

 Let see what you can cook with it ..


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