Takasima sucks!

When I said Takasima Sucks, I'm not referring to their product coz I know their products are good and won lots of award. However, good product itself is not enough when it comes with BAD service. Its been almost 2 years since I bought my mum Y admirer. We managed to get that machine at promotion price @2990 with foot massage machine ( Free gift). Below is the machine that I talked about.

Immediately improvement in blood circulation
Increases muscle strength
Increases blood supply for heart and brain
Accelerating secretions and discharges
Enhances metabolism
Reduces pain, reduction of the stress and soreness
Helps increase flexibility and range of motion
Stimulating the production of collagen, make skin more beautiful
Making body healthy and clean
Fights the effects of osteoporosis
Increasing bone mineral density

Yes. The product is good. Comes with 5 years warranty. We've been informed that ,product service/maintenance will be free in 5 years. Just call and they will come at home within 2 weeks. After  few months, then the machine started to make that noise. So, we called the service centre to avoid big problem or damages. They said will come in 2 Weeks. BUT, after two weeks, no body came or call. We have to call again and wait again. Since they have trip to nearest area, they informed us that they will come in a week. Ok. this time the staff came. They checked for the problem. Then said, will come again later coz they have to bring the spare parts to fix the machine. We've been waiting for a month till they came with the mention spare part, but this time a different person came. The guy who came, said they reported the different problem so he bring the wrong spare part (arghhh.... can you imagine?.. almost 2 months but no progress at all). Its took almost 4 months until they the fixed the problem. I never imagined the quality of their service will be that bad as Takasima is a well know brand. The guy told us that we have to stand still on the machine to avoid the same problem. Hello... then why they promote this machine with the below 12 styles but advise to follow no :1 style only?

That bad experience doesn't stop here. After few months its happened again. We called them to service the product on January and guess what? ... The problem fixed end of April. In the beginning I tried to complaint but nothing they can do about it. As the conclusion, SAY NO to takasima. Good products with bad service , just damaging the brand reputation.


  1. Agreed with the bad service!until now..i havent receive my product..they promised 10days but i receive none since its already 1month.they ddnt evn call..n thts make me really pissed off..

  2. Super agree with thier bad service. They promised to come within 2 weeks waited for 2 months!!! Dont buy thier chair if you havent make any payment before regret!! Its really sucks !!!


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