Me and my Body slimming mission.

Congratulation Zurina! You've achieve the highest body weight measurement in 33 years. All your money and effort toward  weight loss has Failed!. Seriously, the more I tried to lose some weight, the more i gained weight. I tried so many type of slimming products that I'm afford to buy but in the end. I will regret for spending money with no good result.

Normally, I am not interested on products that I saw in any advertisement. But if the testimonial of the products came from the person I know and I can see the different, I'll try   well... at least I tried OK. But  among those products there are few products that i tried and seems works for me. But I don't want to depend on a slimming product for a long period. 3 months will be enough. Still afraid of side effects. Manufacturer may claimed that it have no side effects. But, I still believe that if taken constantly for a long period, for sure there will be side effects. It just that we don't feel it now.

The slimming product that won the battle between my Body fat is Jus Mate 5. I tried this last 2 years. That time my weight reached 78kg. I took Jus mate 5 for 3 month. Lost 5 kg. Even though, I stopped taking Jus Mate 5, my body still maintain. But, It quite expensive. A month cost RM225. (Expensive for me OK. Coz that time I'm jobless. after to years, my I gained weight due to my routine. Skipped lunch and have to take food at night everyday. After almost a years, I reached 83kg. ahahahaha. Good Job!.

After Jus Mate, I tried another product. A slimming Lotion. Super maxx Body Creator. it cost RM 32. The slimming lotion smell good and don't even feel hot on your skin. Really love it. It just that, hard to find the product here. It's a product of R & Z Cosmetics. Easy to find in my hometown(Kedah) but not here in KL. It help shaping your body and I can feel the different.

Maybe some of you wonder why I don't stick to Jus Mate 5 since it's works for me. Well, Lately, I read lot of story and hear lot of rumors about the product. Too many fake product and some said it have side effects. So, that scary for me. Prevention is better than cure...(cewahhh.. yg ko kasi badan gemuk.. pastu sibuk cari ubat kurus tu..prevention le sangat kannnn? )

Last Eid Mubarak, I visited a close family member, so shocked. The fat girl that I knew .. now so slim. At first she said that she lose weight after her operation. but few weeks later when she pay us a visit, she finally share her story. She took Beauty Umaira and diet at the same time. The product cost RM 225 per box with 21 sachet. Last for 21 days....erm. The great evidence in front of my eyes.. so.. a usual.. I Google and bought 1 from an online store...taraaaaaa...

 Seriously, when I took this, I also diet. Don't eat much. Sometime just 4 slice of bread a day. BUT still..... It cant defeat my Fat :(.  Don't know why. Maybe just not suitable for my body. But it sad since I've spend RM 225 for a product that failed me.

Its been few months since I took Beauty Umaira, lately I read about Inchloss by Fellina. it sound promising. Cost RM 75. A slimming lotion. don't know why, I'm so excited to try this one. Been waiting for it since last Monday after the seller informed that the item had been posted.But due to so many public holiday this week... it still haven't arrive. Maybe on Friday. really cant wait to try it. Will update the progress later on and hopefully, I works for me this time.

Update : 25/12/2012
I tried to finished up a bottle of Felinna  Inch loss.  Very disappointed  as there is no effect or changes when using this lotion. I wonder how others can loss weight a lot using this lotion.  I prefer Supermaxx Body Creator more as I can see and felt the different using it. Some more, I can get 2 Supermaxx at a price of 1 Fellina . So, don't easily believe other people testimonies as those product depend on our body.


  1. exercise le zu... baru leh kurus... :-"

  2. tu kena buat selalu.... busy le I..mana ada masa nak excercise..hahaha :)) ok tak jawapan


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