New KFC Zinger Double Down

Yey.. it's my pay day . Just saw KFC Malaysia posted a new menu on their facebook. It's my hobby to try any new menu from KFC. The photo of the new menu makes me drooling. It's called KFC Zinger Double Down. Only Chicken meat and cheese.

It's look big and yummy isn't it?.  Then, since it's my pay day . I went to the nearest KFC at Mid Valley Mega Mall. Ordered for a la carte Zinger Double Down @ RM 8.40   (Combo Zinger Double Down + Carbonate drink @ RM 10:50 if not mistaken) 

see... full with cheese but the size not as big as i imagined hehehe.  I'm not a cheese lover. As for me, the combination of crispy fried chicken meat and the cheese a bit salty. I prefer the Spicy Fried Chicken (dinner Plate/Snack Plate). Sorry KFC.. but nice try!


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