Fish head curry - Salmon Fish Head Curry

It's weekend again... no activities today and eating ... haha. no wander I gain weight this much. When staying with my parent, normally I will cook what they want to eat or when i want to try a new recipes. I cook, they eat. That is why I can control my body weight. But now, I cook and have to finish all that by my own.

Since the day I saw 1 of my Facebook's friend posted a photo of his Fish Head Curry. I cant stop thinking about it. How yummy it is. Then, yesterday ,on my way home , I dropped by to Tesco Scott Garden , Jalan Klang Lama. My lucky day maybe. Lot of vegetables with stock clearance price. This is why I love to shop at Tesco. Just imagine, broccoli, Asparagus and much more only at RM 1. While looking for fishes, my eyes stopped at an item. A Salmon fish head for only RM 2.54 (not half but whole fish head) . All still in good good condition. Perfect!!!

As soon I woke up this morning, I dont want to eat anything. I Want to reserve some space in my stomach for Fish Head Curry and bread. I never try Salmon before. Never hear my mum or anybody I know cook Salmon Fish Head Curry. .. hahaha. Well, here in Malaysia, there a lot of fish that we use  to prepare fish head  curry and Salmon is not one of it.It is expensive and only can be found in large Supermarket. I'm just lucky to found one with this price. Everything goes well during the process of preparing my Fish Head Curry until suddenly my Gas stove running out of gas. But, luckyly an idea  popped up in my brain. I transfered those half way cooked Fish Head Curry into the Rice cooker and finally manage to finish it.

There are lots version of Fish Head curry. And this is my version of Fish head curry. My recipes is based on the available ingredients in my kitchen :) and always less coconut milk.

Ingredients :
Salmon Fish Head
Fenugreek seeds
Curry leaves
Tamarind Juice
Lady Fingers  or Tomatoes
1 small packet of Fish curry powder
Chili paste
Coconut Milk


My first time I ate Salmon Fish curry, not bad. Started to think about Roti Jala with this curry for tea time. 


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