TIPS: Taxi Charges at KL Sentral

Have you ever travel from your hometown  using public transport at night?. Normally, those who travel from South or North Malaysia at night will arrive in Kuala Lumpur early morning. Those who travel regularly for sure will not have any problem with it especially if they are male. But different with female, no matter how many times they've traveled but if alone and at night we are more cautious because we do aware of the risks.

Here are some tips that might be useful. It just common tips but with zero experience about the destination, still hard for us to adopt it suitable with the situation. As the example,  I'll share my latest experience. There is only night train from Kedah to KL Sentral . Train depart from Gurun Kedah at 8:27 pm and arrived at KL Sentral at 5:37 a:m. KL Sentral will be the most strategic place for Public Transport especially if your final destination near to any LRT/train station. What you have to do, just wait for the train to start their operation which normally at 6 a:m.

In my case, my home a bit far from train/lrt station. Located in Taman Sri Sentosa, Jalan Kelang Lama. Furthermore, I have to work at 9 am. The best solution for me is taking a taxi. As you can see, it is easy  to get a taxi at KL Sentral even early morning . There a two type of taxi in KL Sentral:

 1) Budget Taxi 
 2) Coupon Taxi.

Coupon taxi normally expensive than budget taxi.The fare is fixed but if you took a budget taxi, you still can bargain for the price.The cost for my trip:

 KL Sentral --> Taman Sri Sentosa  1) Budget Taxi RM 25-27   2) Coupon Taxi RM 30

Which one i choose?? None of the above. Instead of taking those taxi and pay more, I rather walk out to Jalan Tun Sambathan. Lots of taxi is waiting there. How to get there?... from KL Serntral just walk down to LCCT bus area, then walk to the same way to Monorail station. It just about 200 meter walk. When reach  the main road, lots of taxi are there waiting for customers. Some bus to LCCT also waiting there. Do not worry because even early morning, lots of people already start their day. REMEMBER, wait till 6 a:m since the taxi rate will be lower after 6a:m . Ask the taxi driver whether they charges using taxi's meter or not.

Guess how much did I have to pay?. RM 12.40. So... Why pay more?. I arrived home at 6:30 a:m. Rest, taking shower, having my breakfast and then went to work as usual.

If your bus stop at Puduraya, do the same things.  Instead of choosing taxi which already there waiting for you. Wait till 6 am and call for taxi which passing by on the street. They will  charge based on meter used. Those taxi who already there waiting, normally already set the price for their destination which is always higher.


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