During my trip to Sampoerna , Sabah, we went to Semporna Ocean Torism Center. A very beautiful place complete with Floating Hotel  (DRAGON INN) and Floating restaurant (PEARL CITY RESTAURANT)


the restaurant


                                                               Floating Hotel

Semporna Town comes to life each April during the unique boat festival REGATTA LEPA when the Sea Bajau  dress up their Lepa-Lepa traditional sailboats for competition. More about REGATTA LEPA.

The waterfront section of Semporna has been transformed with new shop houses that host a few budget hotels. Water taxis busy plying the shore. There many inhabited islands in the Sulu Sea off Semporna

Since the dive resorts on Pulau Sipadan were ordered to ship out in a controversial move to conserve the island's fragile ecosystem, dive centers, budget motels and hotels have sprouted along the waterfront of Semporna to cater for the increasing number of tourists.

Every one come to the town of Semporna  for the world-famous diving spots in Pulau Sipadan, and  Pulau Mabul and Kapalai Reef.
Daily dive trips can be arranged from Semporna to Pulau Sipadan and the boat journey takes about 1.5 hours.

The local Bajau Laut  ( sea gypsy) display  their exotic lepa sailing boat design. They associate themselves with the bountiful ocean surrounding them. A quick stroll to the nearby fishing harbor as well as the wet market is spectacle.

Just right before sunset, witness the dozens of lepa single mask boats parading themselves home, bringing back daily catch.

Most Visitors know Semporna as a gateway to Sipadan - an island voted the world's Top 5 Dive Destinations.

But Semporna is more then that. This little town is also gateway to an ancient seafaring community on islands to be explored and discovered.


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