Bandung's Trip : Rumah Stroberi

I spent a few days last week to travel to Jakarta-Bandung. We are supposed to depart from LCCT  KL at 8:50 pm on April 15th and arrive at Jakarta at 9:45  pm (Jakarta's time : 1 hour late from Malaysia's time) but our flight delayed for more than 1 hour! Since this was our first time travelling there and both of us are women, we were a little bit worry since we knew that the last bus from Jakarta airport to Bandung will depart at 10:30 pm and since our flight delayed, we will definitely missed the bus!But, it's ok as we love adventure..... :))

We arrived at Jakarta International Airport at 11:45 pm. The bus counter closed already but luckily we made some new friends on the flight; two young girls from Malaysia, also travelling to Indonesia for the first time. They rented a car with a driver from 15-19 April and they also want to go to Bandung that night. We discussed with them and they agreed to share with us. The transportation fee from the Jakarta International Airport to Bandung is Rp 600000, therefore, each of us needs to pay RP150000.

It took more than 2 hours to reach Bandung. That's good enough since there is no traffic jam at night. On the way to Bandung, the drivers told us that he charges Rp 400000 for 12 hours trip around Bandung (we decide places that we want to go and the driver will drive us to those places). Since the driver that we contacted before charges Rp 500000 for 12 hours, we decided to cancel him and join our new friends. Cost sharing is the best, good for four of us ..  Only Rp 100000 each. We arrived at Karmila Hotel Bandung after sending our new friends at Bukit Dago Hotel.

The beds and the toilet. A 3 Star hotel.
Hotel Karmila
Jl Ir H Juanda 32
Phone : 022-4206778, 022-4209627, 022-4206175
Fax : 022-4209628
The Room Rates :

Deluxe.....................Rp. 380.000.
Executive.................Rp. 350.000.
Standard .................Rp. 300.000.
Driver Room/Pax.....Rp. 80.000.
Extra Bed          ......Rp.  75.000.

Fasilities :

  • Air Condition
  • Tv Cablee
  • Telephone
  • Private Bathroom
  • 24 hours Hot & Cold Water
  • Room Service
  • Breakfast

We love the hotel and their services. We highly recommend this hotel to those who want to visit Bandung. The location is very strategic, as is surrounded by Dunkin' Donut , Pizza Hut, KFC and McDonald within 5 minute walk. We can say, this hotel is Malaysians' favourite hotel in Bandung since most of the guests are Malaysians.:)) .

Early morning, we ask our driver to take us to Strawberry farm. He bring us to Rumah Stroberi. They offer a package for 4 persons which included Ala Sunda Meals and strawberry picking. I dont remember the details and the cost...sorry ;))
Address :
Rumah Stroberi
Jl. Cigugur Girang 145 Parongpong, Lembang
Call: Ibu Harum - 0812.249.2728

You can pick your own strawberry, or just enjoying your strawberry juice, strawberry jam, anything about STRAWBERRY!
I can't forget the taste... Fabulos!!! =P~
Nasi Liwet

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more stories on my trip to Indonesia cooming soon...


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