Bandung - Jakarta's trip

Visiting Tangkuban Perahu is so interesting and is an unforgettable moment.  (not everybody used to visit an active volcano) :) but walking down to Domas Crater a bit tiring.  After visiting Tangkuban Perahu, we went to Cihampelas Shopping Outlets at Jalan Cihampelas, Bandung in Indonesia which provides another alternatives for shopaholics.

I didn’t managed to snap photos of the factory outlets since I was busy trying out the clothes and shopping but I have  photos captured along Jalan Cihampelas. Jalan Cihampelas is a crowded place and traffic jam is a norm along this road. The shops are very creative in their own special way to attract customers.

We don't spend much time here since everybody was tired after the long walk at Tangkuban Perahu. Besides, all that we wanted to buy was also sold at Pasar Baru. So, we drove back to the hotel and on the way back, we stopped at a stall along the road for dinner. It's nice to lay on the bed and rest since we need to wake up early tomorrow.

We checked out from the hotel at 8 am and went to Pasar Baru using Angkutan Kota, just a few minutes away and the fare is only Rp 2500 per person. Around Pasar Baru, there are so many shop lots that sell clothes, shoes and many more but the interesting part is, the price is a lot more cheaper than at Malaysia..    For example, sandals which are sold at Night Market here for RM10 can be bought there for Rm3.00 only.  . Furthermore, there are a lot of choices at Pasar Baru. I forgot to snaps any photo since I was busy with my shopping at that moment. My  beg that weighed only 5kg in the beginning, now became heavier around 30 kg weight  .. oooo forgive me my shoulder.... Done with our shopping, we then walked to Bandung's Train Station which is located around 15 minutes walk from Pasar Baru.

From Bandung, we traveled to Jakarta by train. The train fare is Rp 25000 per person for Business Class and Rp 40000 for Executive Class. We decided to travel on the Business Class.
The journey from Bandung to Jakarta by train took more than 3 hours but for sure we won’t be late; compared by travelling with car since the road from Bandung to Jakarta always crowded and interrupted by traffic jams. We arrived at Gambir's Train Station in Jakarta and took Bluebird Taxi to Sofyan Hotel, Tebet.
We had no choice since we didn't make any reservation. All hotels were fully booked.  It was the only hotel available and we had to stay at this hotel since we need to go to airport at 5:45 am the next morning.  This hotel was near to the highway to the Airport and since we heard that Jakarta roads always jammed, so, in term of location , this hotel is the best choice for us, in order to reach the airport in time.
Honestly , we will not recommend any of you to stay at this hotel . They gave us not-so-quite white and almost greyish bedsheets in the room and worn out towels   . The rate is Rp 305 000 which is more expensive from Karmila Hotel in Bandung but Karmila Hotel is  a lot more better.  Never mind, just only one night to go  and we will be back to Malaysia early Morning.
That night, our friends from Jakarta brought us to try Nasi Bebek (Duck) which is Rice with various selections of dishes of duck, such as Fried Duck , Grilled Duck etc. The taste was marvelous and we even ordered Avocado Juice. Thanks to Ika and Iffah :-* .
We checked out from Sofyan Hotel at 5:30 am and our Bluebird Taxi already waited outside. From there, we went to the airport and luckily, it was weekend and  so the traffic was smooth since it was still early at 6 am.
 For information, all passengers have to pay the airport tax worth Rp.150000.
Bye...bye... Indonesia  :-h
Our breakfast  on the Plane, Nasi Lemak Pak Naser  & Mineral Water :))
Summary of my expenses in Jakarta-Bandung not include shopping.

Subject Rp RM
Flight Ticket (AirAsia Offer) 170.00
Transportation From Jakarta Airport to Hotel in Bandung Rp. 600000 / 4 persons 150000 24.68
Karmila Hotel :  (  300000 per night x 2) / 2 person 600000 98.72
Strawberry Farm (Package Rp 210000 / 4 person ) Ala Sunda Meal & Strawberry picking + Strawberry 210000 17.28
Tangkuban perahu (Entrance fee per person) 37900 12.47
Tour guide fee to Domas Crater  (Rp 250000  per hour) 250000 41.13
Car rental and driver fee for  whole day trip in bandung (12 hours)(Rp. 400000/4 person ) 100000 32.91
Dinner : Rice with Fried Chicken ( 2 person) 14000 2.30
 Angkutan 's fare to  Pasar Baru (5000 / 2 person) 2500 0.82
Train's fare from Bandung to Gambir train Station , Jakarta (Rp 25000 per person : Business Class) 25000 8.23
Taxi fare from Gambir Train Station to  Sofyan Hotel , Tebet 51000 8.39
Sofyan Hotel , Tebet  fee per night Rp 305000 / 2 person 305000 50.18
Dinner : Soto's Rice ( Rp 30000 /2 person) 30000 4.94
Taxi fare from Gambir Sofyan Hotel , Tebet to Jakarta International Airport 110000 18.10
 Airport Tax (RP 150000) per person (Compulsory) 150000 49.36
Total Cost with Flight Ticket

Flight Ticket 170.00
Total cost without flight ticket
RM 369.50

Note :

  • Car rental and driver fee for 1 day trip in Bandung (12 days) vary from Rp 400000 -500 000.
  • Flight ticket depend on the Airline Company. Check out regularly to for the best offer.
  • The actual package for Strawberry Picking and Meals is only Rp. 100000 but we ordered additional drink and picked extra Strawberry so the charge is Rp 210000 also included meal for our driver ;))
  • Taxi from Sofyan Hotel to Airport : You can choose DLink taxi which available in front of the Sofyan Hotel but the cost is Rp 120000 included toll fee. Not much different with Bluebird.
  • Next trip to Indonesia, i will bring together Nescafe 3 in 1 or Coffee 3 in 1 since their coffee's taste so different :((
  • Before travel, search for information regarding place that you plan to visit. Look for the map so it will be easier for you to understand the place.
  • Do you reservation online will helps you.
  • Check for train's fare and schedule here
  • I checked Money changer around KL and Selangor ( 1RM=3200IDR). The highest can be found at Mid Valley (my friend told me 1RM=3300IDR) but before  departure, i change my MYR to IDR at LCCT KL... i'm so suprise... the rate more higher than others :o :o 1RM=3600IDR. In my opinion, better change you money here, the rate is higher (I saw the rate is 1RM=2800 IDR in indonesia the day i arrived)


  1. thanks for the info, is planning and calculating the budget to travel jakarta-bandung middle of year.. your article is perfect and the expenses list, that's really help bro :)


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