Singapore Fried Bihun @ Bihun Singapore : My own style

Singapore Fried bee hoon (Bihun Goreng Singapore)

dried bee hoon (rice vermicelli) soak in hot water to soften
Prawn / Meat / Chicken
Fish balls, segment to your choice
garlic (pounded)
Onion (pounded)
Ginger (pounded)
Black pepper (coarsely pounded)
oyster sauce (optional)
scallions & celery
Chili (Slices)
Cooking oil
Salt to taste


Heat up the wok with vegetable oil over medium heat.
Add in chopped garlic , Onion , Ginger, stir until aromatic and then follow by adding carrot , Prawn / Meat / Chicken and fish balls. Add in 1 cup of water , salt ,black pepper and oyster oil. Cook till boil.
Add bee hoon.Stir vigorously until all ingredients are perfectly well blended.
Finally, add in, sliced scallions , celery & Chili (Slices). Remove from the heat then transfers to a serving dish.
Garnish with slice spring onions before serving

Substitute choice of Sea food such prawns and squids are to be other alternative
Adding scramble eggs and choice of vegetables are another thrilling variety
Serve with choice of fresh slice cucumber in rice vinegar season with salt and sugar, brings you to the peak!

Others, perfect them with slices red chilies in light soy sauce as final satisfactions!


  1. bihun singapore ni biasa2 je ..... try cari resepi mee siam (nama je mee siam.... tapi kat singapore je yg ada)...


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