RoLL Bun
It's been 2 years since last time i baked my own Buns ;)) . Well, its hard to find High Protein Flour in  this area.  The only shop that i usually  went to buy some high protein flour located about 40 km from my house :( . But today, i decided to  make the Roll Bun using wheat flour :)) . I don't care :)) i'll do it  :)) ! even without bread maker , i'll do it...using my two hands :">
I choose this recipes since it's a non butter/non oil recipe , good for those who on diet ;)) . If you want the recipes , just click the link below.
 In the kitchen :
The dough
Brush the buns with egg. Ready to be bake.
The Bun is ready to be serve. 
The result  and the texture of the bun will be a lot more better if we use Bread Flour @ high protein Flour. The reaction between the protein and the yeast will make the bun softer.

I forgot to mention that i modified the original recipes by adding some filling into my buns ;))
I Wish i have my own bread maker. 8-> preparing breads and buns will be a lot more easier. 8->


  1. nice try....
    the buns looked marvelous...=D>

  2. try guna season serve from tupperware. it's helps a lots if you don't have a mixer.


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