A beautiful scenery of a small fisherman village

Today, I went to my great grandfather's house. Sending my grandma to her father's house.  It took only 10 minutes from my house but my great grandfather's house is located along  the coastal side.  Most of  the villagers work as fisherman. I took this opportunity to snap few beautiful sceneries that i saw on the way there.
It's so refreshing to walk under the trees and feel the fresh air.
Small lane along the beach.
a stone wall is erected along the beach to prevent further erosion
 Two fisherman's boat on the sea.
A small island called Pulau Bidan
This Island is called "Pulau Bunting" due to it's shape which looks like a pregnant women lying on the floor
 A small goat pen near the coconut tree
This place is also suitable for those who love fishing
My great grandfather's house


  1. really a beautiful scene... wish we could walk together along the beach soon 8->


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