SKYNET Sucks!!!!!

Skynet sucks!!! That's all  I can say X-(.. to be more specific SKYNET (Alor Setar, Kedah branch) Sucks! X-(
I won't say this without a reason.. is the story.

Last Thursday I ordered something (worth hundreds RM) from a friend in Selangor. Since it's already after 4 p.m,, he told me that he will send that product through a courier service the next day (Friday). So, the next day, he called Skynet and asked and reconfirmed whether the parcel could arrive  tomorrow (Saturday) and they confirmed that it will  be sent to the receipient on Saturday. He  reconfirmed this with SKYNET's staff twice, so that if they could not assured to deliver it on Saturday, he will send it to me through Pos Laju service instead. But,  since they confirmed it will arrive to my address by Saturday, he agreed to send it via Skynet courier service.

And... the most miserable moment begin......... X-(X-(

Saturday  17 Jan 09   :
Evening... Nothing   erm...never mind...maybe i will receive that parcel on Monday since Sunday is an Off patience...


Monday 19 Jan 09 :
Same... waiting from morning till evening.. nothing arrives.  =( My friend call Skynet's HQ and they told him that Skynet Alor Setar branch was closed on Monday since Sunday was a Public holiday.... Ok... acceptable. Think positive. .It was sent to Kedah on Saturday, for sure I will receive it tomorrow (Tuesday).

Tuesday 20 Jan 09 :
Evening... NothingX-(

Wednesday 21 Jan 09
Noticed a missed call  (misscall time: 2:27 pm ) 15 minutes ago .. so I dialed that number ... oo... it's Skynet Alor Setar Branch office... i told her about that misscall and my address.. then she informed me that they cannot find my  address to deliver my parcel.  :o... ok..neve rmind.. i told them the landmarks near to my house.
I guess, my home is the easiest place to find since it is located along the main road to my town. 500 meter after the District Hospital, about 50 meter from the District Office (Pejabat Daerah). In the other words.. if they find the District Hospital...then the district office.. then they will find my house..right after the district office.
I waited till evening.. they never show up.X-(  i'm getting mad,  since they never call me again to follow up or to inform me that they cannot make it that day..bla..bla.. no follow up..nothing...huh X-( Ok... maybe they will come tomorrow...think positive again.8-|8-|

Wednesday 22 Jan 09.
Morning.....still nothing...
That afternoon my friend asked me again whether i already received that parcel or not. So i told him... "Not Yet.
The Alor Setar branch office did not contact me." So my friend called Skynet HQ again to complain regarding this matter. They said it will be send to me by today!. My friend check the Tracking Details for that parcel.

Let analyse together...
Tracking Details - 201317448533
Here are the tracking details via Airway Bill No
Airway Bill No: 201317448533  SKYNET WORLDWIDE (HQ)
Status: Out for Delivery
Delivery Date:
Tracking Progress:
Date Time Location Activity
22 Jan 09 11:24 am ALOR SETAR (AOR) Out for Delivery
21 Jan 09 10:58 am ALOR SETAR (AOR) Out for Delivery
17 Jan 09 9:10 am ALOR SETAR (AOR) Arrived AOR
17 Jan 09 2:09 am (HUB) Linehaul to AOR
16 Jan 09 10:20 pm (HUB) Scheduled for Departure
16 Jan 09 9:16 pm PETALING JAYA (HQ) Linehaul to HUB
16 Jan 09 8:01 pm PETALING JAYA (HQ) Scheduled for Departure
Shipment Problem 1
Date: 21 Jan 09 6:00 pm
Problem Code: PC003A
Created By: AOR
We were unable to locate the consignee's address. Please contact your local courier office to provide a new address and/or phone number

From this details...all i can say ...STUPID...STUPID and NONSENSE. I have friends from Kelantan and Johor who came to my house for the  first time. But they easily managed to find my house. But Skynet staff from Alor Setar branch which is in Kedah, cannot find this place.. STUPID!.
The address i gave them is the shop's address where i live. The shop located  on the left side of the main road to my town and only 200 metre from the village's signboard. I bet they never came here to send that parcel and it is only their reason. If they ask anybody that they meet along the way here, they can easily find my house.X-( X-(  So i cannot accept that "BAD ADDRESS" comment.X-(

It's almost 3:30 pm but nothing again. I went to the bank with a hope.. maybe that parcel will be at my home atfer i returned from bank. But, i was disapointed when my mom told me nothing had arrived. My friend asked again at 5 pm. He assume i already got that product but he getting angry too and directly contact the HQ office. They told him , Alor Setar Branch called me, but did not answer the call. STUPID &; NONSENSE X-( . My mobile phone is activated 24 hours a day but i never receive any call or missed call from Alor Setar Branch. They LIED!! Something smelt so fishy!
30 minutes after that (5:45 pm) my friend send me a text message "Alor Setar Branch will call you now, they said , they tried to called u but no answer "X-( he gave me the Alor Setar Branch office's phone number. I call them right away since i can't wait for their call. I tried twice but no answer.My calls reached their mailbox.X-( X-(  i guess they went home already but how come HQ  said they wanna call me now to ask for direction. As far as I know, i am the one who called them yesterday and already explained about the direction to my address and the landmarks that they can use as guides.  It stated, they out to deliver at 11:24 am but never show up. I really dissapointed with SKYNET service.!! it's only took around 30-40 minutes from Alor Setar to my hoese. But they took a week!. If they said they cant send it by Saturday, we prefer to use Pos Laju and it will absolutly arrive to my address  by MONDAY!!!

I postponed my plan to visit my family members at Penang's Hospital just to wait for this parcel. So, I am NOT RECOMMENDING any of you to use SKYNET service to send your  parcel to Kedah! BAD SERVICE. X-(  It's already 6 days but I do not receive my parcel!


  1. I'm experiencing Skynet idiocracy myself. I ordered stuff from an acquaintance in Penang over 5 days ago. I understand the holiday break but should this laziness be happening even after the holiday is over?
    Its been out for delivery for 4 days now.No calls,no word. They really expect you to be patient even after they promised it will be there in one day......I am not wasting any more money on them ever! I would rather pay Poslaju who get things to you on time in good condition.
    The Sepang branch is just as worse, the guy answering the phone sounds 'high' or 'baked' and he makes no attempt to help. SKYNET can go sit in a corner for all I care. Lazy bastards!

  2. ur damn right bout skynet sepang.its been 5 days already still no word from them regarding my parcel!

  3. hi, i actually checked from google whether skynet got delivery or not during saturday on few days ago and i found your blog while i waiting my parcel from skynet. i track my parcel but they didn't update so i think they are not working on saturday. today (monday) i track again and it list that last saturday they got "out for delivery" but fail,but actually i am at home whole day! and then today 11am i track again it show they out for delivery again at 10.30am...but at 1pm, they call me and ask me at home or not, so they can deliver the parcel to me now. so you get what i mean? means that their update is fake! if 10.30am they already out for delivery, why 1pm they call again to see whether i am home or not? actually this is my 1st bad experience with skynet. the disappointed is increase after knowing your case..

  4. i got the same bad address comment its like wtf i paste my address on google map also can find it why can't they. really bad excuse!!

  5. Skynet SUCKS!!!!
    My parcel was sent from Penang on Tuesday, 30th Nov and this morning only they called me saying they going to deliver to me tomorrow which is Tuesday, 7th Dec. Ngam ngam 1 week. Why the hell ppl want to use their service? Better use Pos Malaysia la. Rather pay less and slow (expected).

  6. Hopefully SKYNET or any relevant person saw this post. Take it positively and try to improve their service. Customers satisfaction is the crucial in service industries.

  7. ok .... fuck you skynet !! :D don't be lazy ass !!

  8. Skynet sepang Sucksss ever.. After 2 weeks didnt received the item.. After trackin n calling.. Already passed to TAXI DRIVER!! And they don ever call me to deliver.. After the incident.. Also didnt called to apology!!! Serious sucks!!

  9. I bet they never came here to send that parcel and it is only their reason. >>> YEAH!!! tat's it!!!
    stupid SKYNET!!!!! (╰_╯)#

  10. Skynet amik pekerja buta!!

  11. Im online shop owner. Skynet sabah very good and friendly. They even send your parcel out of they time duty. They show high responsibility with your parcel. But when i post parcel to my customer in Sepang. Its shock me ! Very bad service..almost 2 week my customer didnt receive her order. And skynet sepang didnt once call her for directions.hmm so dissapointed

  12. Same lke my stuation.when i try to track my parcel they said they cant send it bcause some probs.but i was at my home on the day they send it but no one comingto my home.i dont know when will i get my parcel...

  13. Same here, just for more specific SkyNet Kuching branch.
    If the delivery is delayed, totally cool with it.

    But the point is, they NEVER CALL YOU.

    If they cannot find the address or CONSIGNEE NOT AT HOME/OFFICE, SkyNet lazy ass they don't know how to call or probably they don't know what phone is.

    Really, bad & stupid shipment delivery service ever.

  14. direct call to skynet head office complaining unit...they will help us to settle. i just did it..

  15. Agree with u... Skynet sucksssssss big time. After 6 years, they haven't improved their service. I paid on Sunday 13/9 & the seller did sent the parcel on 14/9. Until today Friday, I haven't received it. Called them & the excuse is lack of manpower. I don't understand why people still use their service.

  16. Same story.... I ordered many items from ebay.... and when arrived in Miri... the service been transfered to Skynet to deliver my items.... sadly skynet always cannot locate my address... bad wheather lah... consignee not at home lah.... bad address lah... WTF..... some of my items have been delivered to me by DHL, EMS, Pos Laju and other courier services.... They can find my address but why skynet cannot.... just manage to pick one item myself from their office....

  17. My 3rd time using skynet. 1st time okay, 2nd time not okay, 3rd time no need to say lah. Waited 1 months+ already. Yet no news from skynet. Ordered the shoe on 29/9. Til now 19/11 still no parcel. Skynet really sucknet

  18. It's true! Some more they always NOT PICK UP PHONE!!!!!!!! That's always make me angry!!!!!!!! Stupid Skynet Alor Star!

  19. Sama la kita bad experience ngan Skynet..

    Cite nya kat sini:

  20. Skynet semua sama saja. Saya dok Perlis. Perlis kecik ja.. Hari pertama depa kol saya habaq kata barang Ada di skynet. Saya tunggu dua hari dah Ni. Masuk hari ke-dua status bad/address not listed. Depa boleh kol maksudnya memang Ada alamat la Kat situ sekali dengan Polis2 pun tidoq main teloq ja. Scammer macam Tu punya besaq, komplain beratus ribu dah tapi takdak apa tindakkan pun.


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