Menu for breakfast : Teh Tarik & Roti Cheese

Roti Cheese and Teh Tarik
 This morning, my mom and I went to Bus station, sending my younger sister back to Kelantan. When she get into the bus and the bus continue their journey , me and my mom went to Hussien Nasi Kandar Restaurant for breakfast. Looking at the menu for a while, then i decided to try Roti Cheese , i never try it before ;))  ( I love cheese:">). 
Roti Cheese is almost same with Roti Canai but the different is, they added cheese into Roti Cheese. They made from the same dough . In English, roti canai is sometimes referred to as "flying bread," a term that evokes the process of tossing and spinning by which it is made.  
Roti canai is circular and flat. There are two ways to make roti canai that is either to twirl it until the dough becomes a very thin sheet and then folded into a circular shape or to spread out the dough as thinly as possible before being folded. Then the folded dough is grilled with oil. The first method is more popular and faster than the second. The term 'roti paratha' in Malay mean 'plate bread'. Traditionally, it is served with dal or 'dhal' (lentil) curry.More recently, various improvements on plain roti have been devised to suit Malaysians. 
Generally the newer forms of roti canai are denoted by using a prefix of roti attached to the additional ingredient used. The common variations include:
  • roti telur, with fried eggs (telur being the Malay word for egg)
  • roti tisu (tissue bread), a paper thin and flaky roti. Also called roomali roti, from roomal (Hindi, meaning handkerchief).
  • roti bawang (onion bread)
  • roti boom (bomb bread), a smaller but thicker roti
  • roti planta, stuffed with margarine and sugar.
  • roti sardin, stuffed with sardine and sometimes mixed with ketchup or sambal, similar to murtabak
  • roti pisang, banana bread
Some consumers may also order their own variation, such as : 
  • roti telur bawang, with eggs (telur) and onions (bawang)
  • roti kaya, with kaya
  • roti tampal, similar to roti telur but the eggs are sticked on the outside instead
  • roti tuna, stuffed with tuna
  • roti cheese, with cheese added
  • roti milo, although not common, some consumer requested that the roti is sprinkled with Milo powder
There are also a lot of different curries used besides dhal, for example :
  • kari ayam, chicken curry
  • kari daging, beef curry
  • kari kambing, mutton curry
  • kari ikan, fish curry (mostly served with [[ikan pari|stingray]])
  • kari campur, mixed curry (consumers can select a mixture of dhals themselves)
 Teh Tarik
Ask any Malaysian worth his or her salt to name their favourite tea, and most likely it is the teh-tarik. Literally meaning "pull tea", the drink is prepared using out-stretched hands to pour piping hot tea from a mug into a waiting glass. The higher the pull the thicker the froth. Often found in Indian hawker stalls or restaurants, preparing the teh-tarik is both an art and science. 
In expert hands, the action of streaming tea back and forth the containers is a feast for the eyes. This visual treat involves vigourous almost acrobatic like-movements of the hands and arms, as the tea steadily spills into receiving ends. Poetry in motion.
There is a reason behind this unusual method of serving tea. It is believed that the technique of stretching the tea helps it to mix well with another essential ingredient, the condense milk. Thus, bringing out the strong aroma and the subtle taste of tea. Also, the beverage cools faster this way. Style with substance.


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  2. Ala.... sesekali je :p
    Tapi... ada sorang bro tu... setiap mlm mesti nak gi kedai mamak... kalau tak gi tak leh tido :)) :-"


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