Happy Chinese New Year

I used to celebrate Chinese New Year when i was a kid. My family and I lived in a Chinese neighbourhoood since i was born but when i was 12 years old, we moved to other village and stayed with my grandmother.

While staying at the Chinese neighbourhood, we also joined the Chinese New Year celebration with our Chinese neighbours. But, at that time, Chinese New Year or us is all about "Angpau". Visited neighbours' houses, eat mandarin oranges and get "Angpau" ... it's so fun... walking from a house to another with a group of friends which were around 10 t0 12 years old.

Most of the neighbours were very nice and friendly.. well, we're just kids right... But, of course, there are few houses that scared us to death... why ? we were afraid of dogs... everytime we saw the houses with dog and when the dogs start barking at us.. we would run as far as we could without turning back and when we felt safe, we would stop and laugh at each other.... It was so funny....

Since we moved to the other village, we have never celebrate Chinese New Year anymore since there are no chinese neighbours in this village. But, my dad's friends will send us a box of Mandarin Orange every year.

Since we do not celebrate Chinese new Year, we decided to go to a Shopping Mall,... What i like most about the shopping mall is that during celebrations; thee shopping Mall will be decorated with beautiful sparkling neons, trees and other variety of decorations. While shopping at Central Square, Sungai Petani Kedah, i have snapped few photos.


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