KFC, KLG & RFC : Which one is Clone?

 Most of us are familiar with KFC but did you ever try KLG and RFC (Radix Fried Chicken)? I'm not sure which ones are the clone?    but i bear in mind…  KFC is the original…   :))

KLG is  a fast-food restaurant chain in Malaysia and Taiwan, similar to KFC. The lettering of KLG uses the same font and colour as KFC. KLG's logo depicts a plump chicken wearing a bow tie.
In Malaysia, there are several outlets in Ipoh, Penang (near Farlim) and Langkawi Island. The company has never advertised in television, radio, newspapers, billboards or the Internet before.
The food served in the KFC and KLG restaurants in Malaysia are almost the same. Fried chicken, french fries, chicken burgers and soft drinks are available in both restaurant chains. However, the food that is available in KLG is cheaper than the same food that is available in KFC.

(:-$ (based on my experience at KLG Gurun, Kedah – an individual set is cheaper but the family set is more expensive since they don't serve large whipped potato, large coleslaw etc). KLG do not offer as many choices as KFC. Funny…  as this seems to be the standard KFC rip-off   :))

RFC is the answer to various problems that concern people nowadays especially the chickens that build anxiety of been injected with animal vaccine like pig that not just HARAM to Musli ms, but dangerous for human health entirely.
At RFC, they provide organic chickens that been breed by HPA and vaccine free guaranteed as herbs are the chicken's food such as turmeric and tongkat ali. At the same time, all products produce by HPA are herbs based and chemical free including sauces, drinks etc. Besides the original fried chicken, RFC also prepare various type of meal including burgers, sausages, fries, mayo vegetables and ice creams.
Radix Coffee, Radix Cola and Radix Sarsi are type of drinks served by RFC.

I never heard KLC being sued by KFC, however somebody informed me that KFC had sued RFC . Why ? :o:o   but  it's clear, KLG's business not as good as RFC. You'll see RFC restaurants are crowded with customers who are lining up to place orders for their food but KLG restaurants are empty most the time (Gurun, Kedah branch)  :))  No joke ok. That's the fact!.

Another fact, RFC's original fried chicken is delicious.  . They use herbs. 100% halal and beneficial for our health.

KLG's Fried chickens are too salty for me. Even though they are cheaper than KFC, i prefer to pay more for the best taste and quality of the food.

Let me ranking this Fast food restaurants:
1st Place : KFC
2nd         : RFC
3rd         : -
4rd         : -
5th         : -
Last       :  KLG  sorry ;))


  1. peminat makanan rupanya tuan blog ni... wakakaka

  2. alah.. lu cerita radix halal konon, tgk tgk tauke owner cina jugak.. apa lah

  3. radix fried chicken 100% halal!!! yes i'm telling the truth n 100% semua from atas is muslim and melayu!!!n thank you to you blogger sbb ltk RFC no.2 d hati mu...


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