Shopping vs Window Shopping

Shopping is the examining of goods or services from retailers with intent to purchase at that time. Shopping is the activity of selection and/or purchase. In some contexts it is considered a leisure activity as well as an economic one.

While , "Window shopping" is an activity that shoppers engage in by browsing shops with no intent to purchase, possibly just to pass the time between other activities.

To be honest, i love "Window shopping" rather than Shopping.. ;)). Most of the time, i buy only what i need. I don't know how to spend money for something that is not important...hahaha... lucky me... For me, eating out is more interesting than shopping. Walking for 1-2 hours, browsing shops and stop at fast food restaurant.

Last Saturday, while my Brother on the operation room, we went to Giant Supermarket around the corner. The Operation took more than 2 hours and we got enough time for shopping. My younger sister looking for a new sandal.

Well, what can we say... shopping at 10:30 in the morning...hehehe...

Night market is more fun for shopping coz; variety of foods available there. Furthermore, the price of the foods itself is cheaper.

My younger sister favorite , Fried Chicken Skeleton "Rangka Ayam Goreng"

Murtabak, My mum's favorite

and... Satay... my favourite ..hehe

My dad love fruits

Well.. night Market got a lot of delicious foods but i don't have chance to snap more photo since i have to carry everything that my mum bought ... :(


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