Let's go to the Night market nearby.

"Pasar Malam"

Night markets in Malaysia are definitely popular destinations among shoppers and many of these spots, like the famous Petaling Street, are already on the must-visit list for tourists. Night markets or pasar malam take place in the evenings from about 6pm to 11pm at various places.

The night markets are the place where you can weave your way around the stalls, enjoy the smells of local foods and maybe pick up some trinkets. Many of night markets or pasar malam are also famous for their imported fabrics, imitation leather goods and branded items. Also a great place to just walk about and savour the aromas of local street delicacies.

Yong Tau Foo

Yong Tau Foo is a very Chinese Malaysian dish. It is essentially a special sauce ( some place use soup) containing variety of foods, such as, taufu pok, tofu, fish balls, crabsticks, kangkong , mushrooms etc. Commonly found in Singapore/Malaysia.
I prefer Sauce rather than soup. What make this yYong Tau foo different from other is it special sause.

Putu buluh(Bamboo rice flour with brown sugar)
Putu buluh is made from rice, stuffed into bamboo tubes and steamed. Grated, fresh coconut flesh are stuffed inside them. As they have no taste, brown sugar and more grated coconut are served with putu buluh.They put some raisins to make it tastier.
I have to wait for a while to buy t
heir putu buluh.


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