Grow Your Own Food

Nowadays, wherever i go..people start complaining about how difficult their life are . Everything needs money. Everything getting more expensive day by day. Fuel cost is increasing. Groceries prices are rising and so on. Living in a village make me realized how lucky i am. We can save our money in many ways. Things are not as expensive as other area. We also can grow our own food on the backyard. Gardening became a daily activities for my parent. They plant ginger, turmeric, lemon grass, papaya , chili, tomatoes, winged bean , tapioca etc.

Growing your own food can be done, but you will be at the mercy of nature, in the form of pests and weather, either of which can destroy whole crops in a remarkably short time. It's requires patience, persistence and a lot of bending and lifting and carrying. Be prepared to sweat. Wear socks under clogs or easy-to-clean footwear. Protect yourself from sun and insects (ticks & mosquitoes carry life-threatening diseases) by washing thoroughly and often.

Things You'll Need To Grow Your Own Food

  • Suitable land for agricultural purposes.
  • Storage methods, tools and space.
  • Adequate sun and access to water
  • Growing equipment.
  • Seeds and fertilizer
Let's see what we have on the backyard...



Lemon grass


Winged bean

Dragon Fruit tree



"Kangkung "

bitter gourd


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