An evening with my kitten

Last week, we picked up an apparently abandoned kitten. It's a female, around 1 to 2 months old. Appears to be healthy. She was so funny! She is an white,brown, and black color with big brown eyes.

As the kitten has no fear during this time they will explore and get used to all the sounds, smells and different types of creatures in their world. Kkittens that do not receive these experiences will often grow into very shy scared cats that like to keep them selves to themselves. It is very difficult to change this behaviour in later life.

Few tips from

It is very tempting for kitten and cat owners to punish their pets when they do something wrong, just like we would our children. However cats do not have the same understanding of punishment. They do not automatically associate a punishment with a certain misdemeanour; instead they will associate it with the person. So instead of providing a positive outcome i.e. stop chewing the chair for example, you are creating a negative one between your cat and yourself. This can lead to aggression towards you and even avoidance, which in some extreme cases could result in the cat going off to find new owners.

So from an early age it is important to practice these rules and teach your furry youngster the right and wrong way to behave.

Reward good behaviour always with a positive experience, something that your particular cat really enjoys, it could be:

  • A treat
  • A game
  • A cuddle etc.

Reward bad behaviour with a negative experience by taking something away that your cat enjoys. The most powerful of which is the removal of attention. So:

  • Stop playing the game immediately
  • Walk away from the kitten, preferably out of the room.
  • Remain silent
  • Have no eye contact with the kitten

The cat will perceive this as a bad experience and will not want to repeat it.

Final words on kitten care

It is easy for us to look after a kitten nutritionally and medically these days, as everything is so accessible. Special kitten food can be bought from every supermarket and our local vets can carry out vaccinations and neutering relatively cheaply and easily. But too often the important kitten care of socialisation and early training experiences are overlooked and this when done correctly from the beginning will prevent many future behavioural problems and will ensure that you have a happy contented confident cat who will bring many benefits to the family for many years.


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