Thai Seafood Pizza from Pizza Hut

Today, my younger sis me and went to Pizza Hut at Central Square , Sungai Petani, Kedah. Our favorite pizza hut outlet in Kedah. We have tried the same pizza at Pizza Hut Village Mall (Sg.Petani), Pizza Hut Jalan Putra (Alor Setar) and Pizza Hut Tesco Mergong but the best is Pizza Hut Central Square, Sungai Petani coz' we love the way they cook that pizza.

We ordered Meal 3 from Hut's Power Meals Menu. Recommended for 2 person
. 1 Regular Thai Seafood
(Stuffed Crust and Extra Cheese)..yummy
. 2 Chicken Soup
. 4 pieces of Breadstix
. 2 glass of 7 Up

Price : RM 39.70

Thai Seafood
An exotic taste of Thai - with spicy tuna chunks, crabsticks, squid,
onion, spicy Thai sauce & mixed herbs, garnished with fresh
coriander leaves.

Extra cheese...yummy

let's eat!!

Soft melted mozzarella string cheese rolled into the light garlic-finished crust.


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