Raining money at KL Sentral

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Raining money at KL Sentral
By Gabey Goh October 31, 2008 Categories: News

KL Sentral was transformed from a busy to a frenzied state yesterday when a mysterious “Mr Moneybags” decided to share his wealth, scattering what is believed to be thousands of ringgit and causing a mad scramble at the lobby of the transportation hub.

The unidentified man casually walked through the hustle and bustle of KL Sentral, throwing handfuls of RM50, RM10 and RM1 bills up into the air before calmly walking towards the exit – never looking back. Behind him, people scrambled for the money.

According to eyewitnesses, the man was of Chinese descent, appeared to be in his 30s and was of medium height and built. He was dressed in a long-sleeved T-shirt and pants.

It is believed his act was caught on CCTV. The authorities are reviewing footage to determine his identity.

The inciden t , which occurred about 2.30pm in front of the KTM Komuter ticket counter, caught the crowd completely by surprise. But not for long. Once the initial shock was over, the cash was gone in mere seconds.

“I couldn’t believe it when it happened. There was a shower of money and people all around paused for a split second, unsure of what to do.

“But then one person started to pick up the bills, the next thing you know, everyone was grabbing bills off the floor,” said Zulkhairy Mohd Khair, who was in the thick of the happening.

Zulkhairy, a newspaper seller, snagged himself a princely sum of RM600 while colleagues Shafiq Aiman and Sulaiman Saleh picked up RM150 and RM65 respectively.

“It was like magic or a blessing from God. At first I thought someone was throwing leaflets but after looking properly, I saw that it was actual money,” recalled Mohd Saiful, a snack stall owner who got RM200 in the scramble.

Salim Khan, a Perodua sales representative, split his take of RM100 with his customer who spotted the bizarre act.

“My customer saw what happened and alerted me. When I turned around, all I saw was money floating to the ground so I went over and got two notes,” he said.

KL Sentral authorities expressed surprise when ask about the incident. A spokesman for Semasa Sentral Sdn Bhd said they would interview security personnel on duty to get more details.

“To my knowledge, this is the first time something like this has taken place here," said the bemused spokesman.

Brickfields district police were also in the dark. A police spokesman said no police report had been lodged.

Meanwhile, many who took their haul of bills to banks in the area were pleasantly surprised to learn that the notes were genuine.

Their plans for this unexpected windfall? It would seem that generosity begets generosity as many of the lucky recipients interviewed reported that they had already spent some of the money treating friends to lunch.

As for young Zulkhairy’s substantial haul?

“I’m going use what’s left to buy a new handphone,” he said with a smile.

Another colleague quipped: “And they don’t need to pay us for today's work too!”

Whatever the reason behind this unusual act of generosity, one thing is for sure — this mysterious money man made a lot of people happy at KL Sentral yesterday afternoon.


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