Hot Plate Yee Mee vs Black Pepper Chicken Rice

Hot Plate Yee Mee and and Black Pepper Chicken rice is wide available in most of the TESCO's food courts.

Well, anyway, the Yee Mee is usually deep fried to crisp prior to cooking. The noodles will then be cooked together with a special sauce on a hot plate. After a while, additional sauce and also some chicken, and mushrooms will be added .

You have the option of adding an egg into the dish if you like to. Once ready, the dish will be garnished with some fresh vegetables and served. Dried chillies used in the sauce make it a little spicy.

And..the Black Pepper Chicken rice, the only different is the rice itself...hahaha... they use the same sause!. That's why I prefer Hot Plate Yee Mee. Best served with that sause. My younger sister prefer that Black Pepper Chicken rice..well, different people, different taste.

The price for each dish is RM 4.00 (additional RM 0.50 if you want to add egg)

Recipe : Hot Plate Yee Mee (In Malay) i'll Translate in english by request.

Bahan-bahan ( 2-3 org makan )

  • 2-3 sanggul (gulung) yee mee
  • 5 ulas bawang putih
  • 5 biji cendawan shitake ( cendawan kering)- rendam sehingga agak lembut dan potong 4
  • 1 keping dada ayam- potong mengikut citarasa
  • 3 biji cili kering- potong 2
  • 2 sudu besar sos tiram
  • 3 sudu besar kicap cair
  • 1 sudu besar kicap pekat
  • 1/2 in halia- hiris nipis
  • Serbuk lada hitam
  • garam- secukup rasa
  • Beberapa titik Minyak bijan
  • 1 sudu besar Tepung jagung- dibancuh dgn sedikit air
  • sedikit minyak utk menumis


  1. Tumis bawang putih, cili kering dan halia sehingga naik baunya.
  2. Masukkan ayam yg telah potong sehingga agak empuk.
  3. Masukkan 2 cawan air.
  4. Masukkan pula sos tiram, kicap cair dan kicap pekat. Masukkan pula serbuk lada hitam. Biarkan mendidih.
  5. masukkan cendawan serta sayur2 lain- tunggu 2-3 min.
  6. Masukkan campuran tepung jagung dan kacau.
  7. Titikkan minyak bijan beberapa titik-jgn banyak2...
  8. Akhir sekali, masukkan yee mee- biarkan sebentar & hidangkan panas2
Source of the Recipe : My


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