PIKOM PC Fair 2008 (14-16/8/2008)

Yesterday, I went to Star Parade for PIKOM PC Fair. I was really excited for that PC Fair since I missed it few times before. But this time, i got a mission... looking for a laptop for my younger sister budget allocated is below RM 2000.
As usual all the Internet service providers also there and they came up with promotions and sort of stuff. I was surprised to see Acer Aspire One is available for only RM 1299, since my fren told me that he buy that laptop at RM 1399.Hey, it's Cheaper RM 100 than offered at PIKOM PC Fair at PISA ,Penang last week... ! I plan to buy one for myself..but not now, maybe next year . My Compaq Presario V 3010 is more than enough at the moment.
I recommended Acer Aspire One to my younger sister coz' it small and suitable for her (well..it's easy to carry smaller laptop while travel from University (Kelantan) to home town (Kedah)but she prefer to have a 14 inch screen size laptop. So, we surveyed few laptops from Compaq. Since our budget cannot exceed RM 2000, hard to find a 14 inch Compaq's laptop.But... she finally fall for Acer Aspire One (White color)..ehehehe

Tthe notebook is based on Intel’s 1.6GHz Atom processor, has an 8.9-inch display (though 1024 x 600 rather than 1024 x 768 as was predicted) and comes as standard with a Linux OS (Linupus Lite) with Windows XP an option. Storage is courtesy of an 120GB SSD, with 1GB of RAM and a memory card reader.

Measuring 248 x 170 x 29mm, the 0.9kg Aspire One will be available in four colours - sapphire blue, seashell white, golden brown and coral pink (available this September) 3G and WiFi WWAN connectivity to augment the standard WiFi b/g. There’s a webcam at the top of the screen bezel.

But Acer Aspire One with 120Gb SSD only available in white color. We pay RM 150 for 6years warranty from SEC. RM 1649 +RM 150 = RM 1849.
Free of charge optical mouse, Notebook Cooling Fan and 2 Gb pendrive.


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